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Maidens Picking Flowers by a Stream (study) (1911)
. Maidens Picking Flowers by a Stream (study) (1911)
Lilies, Poppies and Carnations (1916)
. Lilies, Poppies and Carnations (1916)
A Naiad (study) (1893)
. A Naiad (study) (1893)
Good Neighbours (1885)
. Good Neighbours (1885)

Waterhouse paintings' models are mostly mystery women. Some of the women in his paintings were modeled by his wife, others by either Muriel Foster or Beatrice Flaxman. However, the information on these models are tentative and still is a much debated subject. One of the more conclusive articles regarding this topic was floating somewhere on the internet, but disappeared. I posted the article on this site once before; however, the authors (Ken and Cathy Baker) asked me to remove the article from the site since it was a part of the another site formatted to the style that they favored. It has been 3 years and since the value of the article is tremendous to Waterhouse fans, I am once again posting the article on this site. I've tried to contact Ken and Cathy for their permission, but their email address no longer worked.

A Note to Ken & Cathy Baker: I attempted several times, since the beginning of September 2003, to contact you regarding posting this article on to jwwaterhouse.com. Since I was unable to get in touch with you via email, I will do it here. I hope that you understand my decision to put the article back on the site again. The importance of your article to the myriad fans of John William Waterhouse out on the internet is immeasurable. Its disappearance from its original site made it a 'lost work' and a great loss of knowledge to everyone. Please contact me for any request you may have regarding the publishing of this article here. Thank you. - Alan

Special thanks to Eileen W. for sending me the text of the article.

Update 12.04.2003 - Message from Ken & Cathy Baker:

Dear Alan,

Thank you for trying to contact us before putting our article on your site. If you had been able to reach us, we would have asked you not to include it. We are asking you now to please remove it from your site. We appreciate your prompt attention to this and hope it is done immediately. Thank you for feeling it is something you would want to include on your site - but, for various reasons it needs to be removed. We would appreciate you contacting Eileen W. and asking her not to post the article on the internet - or elsewhere.

Very best wishes,
Cathy and Ken Baker


Cathy & Ken recently contacted me regarding their new article about Waterhouse models now can be found here:
The Waterhouse Ideal - An Essay by Cathy and Ken Baker

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