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  bullet  1876 . Oil on canvas
  bullet  Private Collection
Actual Size (W x H): 127cm x 76.2cm [ 50.04" x 30.02" ]
John William Waterhouse: After the Dance - 1876 John William Waterhouse: After the Dance - 1876

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The First Dance
I'll never forget the night we shared that dance.
It was the most special night,
And everything was perfect.

It was my first dance,
And it was with you, the girl of my dreams.
I was so nervous and excited - The night was incredible.

Not only did you show me how to dance,
But also everything it means -
The closeness, the warmth, the embrace.
The loving gaze and the slow, passionate kiss.

As we danced, I forgot about everything else -
My nervousness had faded,
The rest of the world ceased to exist.
I had died and gone to heaven -
I was actually dancing with the girl of my dreams.
I'll never forget our first dance...
Jeremy Howell

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