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  bullet  1882 . Oil on canvas
  bullet  The Tate Gallery - London, England
Actual Size (W x H): 198cm x 119cm [ 78.01" x 46.89" ]
John William Waterhouse: Consulting the Oracle - 1882 John William Waterhouse: Consulting the Oracle - 1882

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Myth, legend & history of the Oracle in the land of Delphi when Apollo lived. Considered by the ancient Greeks to be the center of the earth! The cave where the divinity Gaia (Mother Earth) used to give her prophecies was located in a region then called Pytho. Python, a fearsome dragon that guarded the Oracle, learned from the Oracle that Apollo would kill him.

When the god Apollo was an infant, he did in deed kill Python, and then left Delphi to purify himself. After the purification took place, he returned to Delphi crowned and took over the Oracle. Apollo then became the new god at Delphi and the Oracle gave out his commands. Apollo is primarily the god of prophecy. From that time on the land has been called: Delphi
Myth, Legend & History Of Delphi

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