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  bullet  1890 . Oil on canvas
  bullet  Private Collection
Actual Size (W x H): 68cm x 102cm [ 26.79" x 40.19" ]
John William Waterhouse: Flora [picking flowers] - 1890 John William Waterhouse: Flora [picking flowers] - 1890

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The goddess of blossoming flowers of spring. She had a minor temple on the Quirinalis and was given a sanctuary near the Circus Maximus in 238 BC. The festival of the Floralia, celebrated on April 28 -May 1, existed until the 4th century AD. Flora is identified with the Greek Chloris.Encyclopedia Mythica

"When she first entered the room I believe the words I spoke to Locke trailed off in mid sentence. Flora is absolutely stunning as you can see, but I fear her picture does not do her justice. There is something in the way she moves, some sort of poetry of grace. Her movements are light, smooth and perfect. The effect, coupled with her beauty, is entrancing.

She glided over to me and introduced her self. I introduced myself and lightly kissed her hand. She smiled to me politely.

How I wanted to reach out with A conduit of the Emotions to touch her mind and glimpse the persona behind this image, but my magic was being closely and suspicously viewed.

I'd wait. Flora, we shall meet again." Source unknown

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