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The Favorites of the Emperor Honorius (1883)
. The Favorites of the Emperor Honorius (1883)
Diogenes (1905)
. Diogenes (1905)
Grecian Flower Market - A (aka. A Flower Stall ) (1880)
. Grecian Flower Market - A (aka. A Flower Stall ) (1880)
St Joan (19xx)
. St Joan (19xx)
Miss Margaret Henderson (19xx)
. Miss Margaret Henderson (19xx)
While I do my best to bring you the most accurate information on the paintings and their location, please keep in mind that, at any given time, a painting may be on loan or stored away or the location was incorrectly specified. It's best to contact the gallery before visiting to make sure that it is present. Also double check the opening hours on the galleries' web site for up-to-date hours.

grey square Market Square , - England
+44 177 225 8248 » Visit Web Site » harris.museum@preston.gov.uk
Mon-Sat 10am - 5pm and Sun 11am - 4pm. Closed Bank Holidays . Admission: Free
You can see...
Psyche Entering Cupids Garden - 1905
Psyche Entering Cupids Garden

The Harris Museum and Art Gallery is located in a Grade I listed building right in the centre of Preston, England's newest city. It offers a huge range of free exhibitions as well as activities for all ages. The programme includes contemporary art and design, fashion, fine art and decorative art. The museum also specialises in the history of Preston and holds a variety of social history exhibitions including those of local photographs from the museum's extensive archive.


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