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Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May (1909)
. Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May (1909)
Flora [white dress] (1890)
. Flora [white dress] (1890)
Portrait of Phyllis Waterlow (1895)
. Portrait of Phyllis Waterlow (1895)
Study for The Lady Clare (1900)
. Study for The Lady Clare (1900)
Two Little Italian Girls by a Village (1875)
. Two Little Italian Girls by a Village (1875)
While I do my best to bring you the most accurate information on the paintings and their location, please keep in mind that, at any given time, a painting may be on loan or stored away or the location was incorrectly specified. It's best to contact the gallery before visiting to make sure that it is present. Also double check the opening hours on the galleries' web site for up-to-date hours.

grey square The Headrow , Leeds - England
+44 113 247 8248 » Visit Web Site » city.art.gallery@leeds.gov.uk
Mon - Sat 10 - 5pm Wed 10 - 8pm Sun 1 - 5pm. Closed on bank holidays . Admission: Free
You can see...
The Lady of Shalott [looking at Lancelot] - 1894
The Lady of Shalott [looking at Lancelot]

When you come to the Art Gallery, we hope that your senses will be awakened by exploring the variety of artworks on display.

There is something for everyone at Leeds City Art Gallery. You will find traditional prints, watercolours, paintings and sculptures as well as contemporary works made with plastic grapes and twintubs.

At Leeds City Art Gallery you can find some of the most outstanding works of British Art outside of London.

Leeds City Art Gallery is conveniently located in the centre of Leeds, next to Leeds Central Library and near to the Town Hall. We are a five minute walk from both the rail and bus stations.


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